Job Code
Employment Status
Full Time
Food & Beverage

Cook - Bobby Flay

Job Description

<p><strong><u>JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBLITIES:</u></strong></p> <p>Creates and ensures a fresh, positive and exciting environment where sanitation, flawless delivery and execution of S.H.O.W. Service Basic Standards where product excellence and services are paramount.</p> <p>Strictly complies to The Borgata Employee Handbook and Policy and Procedure Manual.</p> <p>Establishing and maintaining the highest sanitation and guest service standards for a clean and fully functioning Borgata.</p> <p>Actively works to correct negative actions or incorrectly followed Borgata procedures by making the immediate supervisor or any management team member aware of such action or procedure.</p> <p>Assists in training new employees in adherence with S.H.O.W. Service Basic Standards.</p> <p>Works steadily and accurately, paying attention to detail and in compliance with the both State and Federal Health Department codes both State and Local&nbsp; and Departmental Policies and sanitation at all stations.</p> <p>Maintains a positive work environment and fully engages in company training.</p> <p>Works efficiently and accurately in operating mode and upholding Borgata brand standard and 5 f&rsquo;s.</p> <p>Maintains a positive work environment.</p> <p>Works efficiently and accurately in operating mode.</p> <p>Serves all guests according to established standards of quality and pre-determined timeliness&nbsp; and portions.</p> <p>Tastes food and evaluates quality points at each stage of preparation.</p> <p>Is detail oriented.</p> <p>Depending upon type of restaurant and station, each job is &ldquo;job specific&rdquo; - candidate is knowledgeable of &nbsp;cooking application of each restaurant specific station and their respective requirements.</p>

Job Requirements

<p><strong><u>QUALIFICATIONS:</u></strong></p> <p>High School diploma or equivalent.</p> <p>Must have at least one year experience in volume kitchen specifically with hot food preparation.</p> <p>Knife and basic cooking skills required.</p> <p>Specialized knowledge in basic cooking and sanitation.</p>