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Job Title:   Count Room Supervisor
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Full Time


Overall responsibility for  count room operations

Responsible for the staffing, training, hiring and directing of count room attendants and count room leads

Responsible for overall equipment procedures and maintenance

Ensures development and effective performance of direct report staff

Designs and issues internal management reports

Ensures proper calculation of casino revenues

Monitors compliance of internal controls and cash handling procedures

Visually monitors count room staff

Responsible for scheduling and preparation of weekly payroll

Utilizes technology effectively to accomplish objectives

Assists in implementing employee training programs for the department

Operation of counting equipment

Adheres to New Jersey regulations and internal policies

Responsible for daily slot drop, counts and recording of currency, coupons, gaming vouchers and casino documents contained in table drop boxes,  slot cash storage boxes and NRT counts

Supervises all Casino floor activity as it relates to count rooms

Works diligently to support the “One Borgata Way” culture and team philosophy throughout the property

Coordinates count room activity with casino operational departments in the proper completion and control of related documents in accordance with state regulations and internal controls

Supervises count room attendants and count room leads to ensure compliance with existing polices and procedures

Maintains confidentiality of all Borgata trade secrets and proprietary information including business processes, customer lists, marketing plans and any other confidential information

Assist in the organizing, coordinating and defining all activities that deal with personnel, customer relations, count room equipment and all administrative duties associated with the daily operation

Ensures that all activities reflect the policies, philosophies and regulations of the Company/property/department as well as compliance with all Division regulations

Circulates assigned area and observes staff performing normal job duties, offering positive and corrective feedback as needed.  Monitors employees in order to assess training needs

Oversees the scheduling of count room personnel

Any additional duties as assigned by the Count room Manager or above


Minimum of three years related experience

Strong organizational, motivational and managerial skills required

Have the ability and motivation to be a working supervisor

Knowledge of New Jersey regulations

Ability to qualify for casino key license

Must possess excellent oral and written skills and have the ability to logically and independently plan, organize, and complete assigned task

Must have well developed inter-personal skills

Show initiative and the ability to set and achieve high standards of performance

Excellent analytical, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills

Ability to direct a workforce provides support to staff, and delegate job duties

Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations

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