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Job Title:   Steward
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Full Time
Food & Beverage


JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Creates and ensures a fresh, positive and exciting environment where sanitation, flawless delivery and execution of One Borgata Way where product excellence and services are paramount.

Strictly complies to The Borgata Employee Handbook and Policy and Procedure Manual.

Establishing and maintaining the highest sanitation and guest service standards for a clean and fully functioning Borgata.

Actively works to correct negative actions or incorrectly followed Borgata procedures by making the immediate supervisor or any management team member aware of such action or procedure.

Follows all Health Codes (State, Federal, and OSHA requirements) and company guidelines at assigned work station.

Communicates with supervisors, both verbally and in writing.

Assists in training new employees in adherence with One Borgata Way.

Works steadily and accurately, paying attention to detail and in compliance with the Health Department codes and Departmental Policies.

Maintains a positive work environment and fully engages in company training.

Assists in other areas when directed or assigned.

Responsible for following all Borgata standard operating procedures and Borgata safety practices to perform the following job functions:

Deep cleaning all kitchen equipment. Breakdown, feed, catch, and properly sort all dishes and flatware as it is brought to the dish area.

Washing, sorting, and storing pots and pans in their designated location on proper racks.

Washing walls, ceilings baseboards, floor drains, hand sinks, tables and cutting boards following all Borgata standard operating procedures and safety practices.

Sweeping and mopping all floors following all Borgata standard operating procedures and safety practices.

Transport garbage from all kitchen areas to trash receptacle and dumpster.

Using safe cart handling procedures transports kitchen items from one area to another.

Cleans, maintains and organizes work assignments.

Cooperative and agreeable when directed or assigned to assist at other stations.

Following all cleaning schedules in designated areas (kitchen storerooms, walk-ins and other designated assigned areas).

Cleaning and polishing silver, flatware and brass in all areas as needed.

Deep cleaning and strictly following cleaning standard operating procedures.

Follows and adheres to all company and departmental safety guidelines. Using personal protective equipment is mandatory for any procedure that requires it.

Flexibility to schedule around the needs of the business.

Ability to withstand the pressure and strain of working in close quarters.

Exposed to sharp instruments, equipment blades, knives and specialized food preparation equipment.

Clean and secure specialized equipment according to Borgata standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.

Continuous standing and periodically walking for long periods of time; walking on different floor surfaces.

Periodically pushing and pulling heavy carts and lifting products in proper storage areas.

Constantly staying mentally alert, maintaining eye/hand coordination.

Repetitive motions sorting products.

Constantly stooping, bending, reaching.

Frequently lifting and carrying up to a maximum of 100 lbs. alone.

Occasionally pulling up to 1200 lbs. with a cart.

Temperatures vary from hot to cold areas.

Working with hot kitchen equipment.

Exposed periodically to high heat.

Moderate to loud noise levels.

Standing on various floor surfaces throughout the day.

Frequent wrist motions, twisting, bending, reaching.

Occasionally exposed to steam and moisture.


Must be at least 18 years of age

Must be professional and have a well-groomed appearance

Must have the ability to effectively communicate in English

Must be fun, energetic, outgoing and personable

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