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Job Title:   Intermediate Cook - Amphora
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Full Time
Food & Beverage



Creates and ensures a fresh, positive and exciting environment where sanitation, flawless delivery and execution of One Borgata Way where product excellence and services are paramount.

Strictly complies to The Borgata Employee Handbook and Policy and Procedure Manual.

Establishing and maintaining the highest sanitation and guest service standards for a clean and fully functioning Borgata.

Actively works to correct negative actions or incorrectly followed Borgata procedures by making the immediate supervisor or any management team member aware of such action or procedure.

Follows all Health Codes (State, Federal, and OSHA requirements) and company guidelines at assigned work station.

Communicates with supervisors, both verbally and in writing.

Assists in training new employees in adherence with One Borgata Way.

Works steadily and accurately, paying attention to detail and in compliance with the both State and Federal Health Department codes both State and Local and Departmental Policies and sanitation.

Maintains a positive work environment and fully engages in company training. Has the ability and initiative to read, convert recipes according to production requirements.

Stays current with certifications regarding sanitation according State and Federal guidelines.

Works efficiently and accurately in operating mode and upholding Borgata brand standard and 5 f’s.

Maintains a positive work environment.

Follows all approved recipes and plate presentations.

Serves all guests according to established standards of quality and pre-determined timeliness and portions.

Assure that all food preparation and service areas are in accordance with the local, State and Federal Health Department Codes.

Understands cooking applications variations based on complexity.

Ensure all food products are according to approved specifications.

Cooking applications vary based on complexity.




High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

Must have two years’ experience in volume kitchen specifically with hot food preparation.

Knife and basic cooking skills required.

Specialized knowledge in basic cooking and sanitation.

Must be able to understand French terminology as it applies to cooking applications.

Acquire Serv Safe certification.

Work in varying temperatures.

Periodically pushing and pulling heavy carts.

Walking long distances with heavy food products.

Repetitive heavy lifting.

Good eye/hand coordination.

Continuous standing, walking for long periods; at times, temperature approximately 55F.

Periodically pushing and pulling heavy carts and lifting products in proper storage areas.

Ability to work in contrasting hot and cold areas.

Tasting food and evaluating quality points at each stage of preparation.

Required to be detail oriented.

Lift food items sometimes as heavy as 100 lbs. 

Ability to read and convert recipes in direct proportion.

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