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Job Title:   Entertainment Technician (Lighting)
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Full Time



Experienced Lighting programmer with a working knowledge of Grand Ma and other lighting consoles.

Experienced Ethernet networking systems knowledge.

Experienced Moving light repair knowledge of Mac and other types of moving light fixtures.

Experience working with incoming LD's , Calling show ques & operating console for shows.

Experienced with installing and striking lighting rig & running a crew.       

Experience with troubleshooting skills required in the lighting industry.

Experience with dimming systems (ETC & Strand).

Performs, but not limited to, the following: setup, operation, strike, inventory, construction and maintenance of all types of audio, lighting, staging and musical equipment used in entertainment area/events.

Performs additional duties as required by the department

Is available to work flexible weekly schedules.

Lift and/or carry equipment, scenery or supplies weighing up to 75 pounds

Climb a ladder or stairs

Work at heights up to 50’ above the ground

Maneuver scenery and supplies weighing up to 1500 pounds using pallet jacks, rolling carts or forklifts

Drive a scissor lift

Sit, stand, or walk for an entire shift, depending upon needs.

Operate electric motors, hydraulic motors, “follow spots”, lighting control boards, sound mixing consoles, microphones, equalizers and other entertainment technical equipment

Manipulate an electric saw, hammer, drill, screwdriver, pliers, wrenches, soldering irons, wire strippers and other hand tools.

Able to work around loudspeakers, hazer and smoke machines, electricity and paint

Communicate via telephone, radio and headset intercom system

Bend and/or reach from ground level up to 6’ high

Push and/or pull scenery or carts weighing up to 200 pounds

Crawl 5 to 10 feet in order to get scenery setup up.

Kneel to set up scenery


  • A substantial portion of the team member’s job is likely to include working in loud environments. All team members in this job classification will be required to participate in annual Hearing Conversation training and audiometric testing. When working in locations identified by the Borgata Hearing Conversation Policy as noisy, and when the area is noisy, all team members are required to utilize hearing protection devices. Hearing protection devices will be provided by the Borgata. Alternatively, a Team Member will be permitted to provide their own hearing protection device subject to Borgata’s prior written approval. Failure to participate in Hearing Conservation training and audiometric testing, and/or the failure to use hearing protection devices will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Three plus years’ experience in an IT support business applications support role

Casino, Hospitality and Financial application support experience preferred

Excellent analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills

Well-developed inter-personal skills


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