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Members Only Job Desk

Welcome to our Bashas' Internal Job Board - the "Members Only" Job Desk.

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Attention: The Members Only Job Desk is intended for use by current Bashas' members (employees) only.  If you are not a current Bashas' member, please go to the CAREERS tab on the Bashas' Website to find job openings for external job candidates.

Bashas' Family of Stores encourages "hiring from within", career growth and development for our current members, our internal job candidates.

You qualify as an internal job candidate if:
  • You are a full or part-time Bashas' member
  • You have been in your current job at least 6 months

Once you have found a job position you are interested in, open it up and read its job description - to be sure you meet all the job's qualifications.  When applying for an open job, you will indicate whether you want a transfer or promotion to the open job.  You will use our new system to generate an electronic notification to your current store director or supervisor, letting him/her know of your wish for a transfer or promotion. For transfers or promotions, you will need to have your manager's approval.

Depending on whether or not you have previously completed a Bashas' electronic job application, it will take you 5-30 minutes to build your personal profile and complete your application for transfer or promotion to the open job. Therefore, applications need to be completed while you are off duty.