Job Title:   Cub House Attendant
11 / 12 / 2013

Cub House attendants supervise and attend to the children of shopping parents, overseeing those children during their parent’s visit to the store. Our Cub House provides in-store daycare for customers’ children.

Some Job Responsibilities include:

Supervising young children, making sure they are safe and well cared for.
Checking in young children, from their parents or guardians.
Checking out young children, to their parents and guardians.
Encouraging young children to participate in various activities during their stay at the Bashas’ Cub House.
Communicating the Cub House concept, play activities and security procedures to parents interested in using the Cub House.
Providing a clean, colorful and comfortable environment for young children to play in.
Helping out by bagging groceries in the front end of the store.
Maintaining a positive and friendly attitude towards customers and fellow team members.  
Performs other duties as needed or assigned by management. Must be at least 18 years old and CPR certified. All candidates are subject to background screening. 
Engaging with customers through smiles and greetings, offering Cub House information and always giving a genuine thank you.       

Ability to:
Be alert, focusing on the needs and safety of young children.
With both customers and team members, remain helpful, tactful and courteous at all times.
Work quickly and efficiently, sometimes with little direction, to accomplish assigned duties.
Operate computer hardware and software.
Read various company forms, and posted company policies/procedures.
Be dexterous enough with hands and fingers so as to be able to use a computer keyboard and clean and straighten the Cub House.
Openly and professionally communicate through body language, facial expressions and speech.
Listen to and understand verbal and non-verbal communication of customers and fellow members.
Sit and stand for long periods of time, to bend and twist, and frequently lift and/or maneuver merchandise and supplies.
Lift up to 30 lbs     

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