Job Title:   Lead Produce Clerk
07 / 11 / 2013


Focusing on leading a successful produce team, the lead produce clerk is a produce manager in training who strives to meet department goals and objectives white providing customers with product expertise and the freshest and best quality produce.

Some Job Responsibilities include:

In the produce manager’s absence, directing produce department personnel, meeting department’s goals and objectives, communicating directly with the store director and produce department supervisors, ordering the produce and produce department products necessary to maintain adequate stock levels and merchandising fruits, vegetables and produce products in accordance with produce merchandising standards.
Maintaining a positive and friendly attitude towards customers and fellow team members.
Engaging with customers through smiles and greetings, offering product information, providing selling suggestions and active sampling and always giving a genuine thank you.
Unloading trailers, receiving merchandise verifying orders, breaking down produce loads, positioning cases of product in the produce warehouse or walk-in cooler.
Understanding proper product trimming, rotation, culling, crisping and watering techniques and procedures, ensuring product attractiveness and shelf life.
Building attractive displays of produce, while maintaining proper product inventory levels. 
Understanding the importance of monitoring product pricing, signage, and placement and the proper use of product shelf tags and signage.
Keeping clean neat and orderly work areas, including a well swept produce department.  
Performs other duties as needed or assigned by management. Must be at least 18 years old.  

  •   Attentively stocking dated perishable products, rotating them as necessary to ensure quality and safety. 

Ability to:
Become a successful produce manager.
With both customers and team members, remain helpful, tactful and courteous at all times.
Lead others within the produce department, following and setting goals and objectives, acknowledging member performance and holding the team accountable for their performance.
Work quickly and efficiently, sometimes with little direction, to accomplish assigned duties.
Add, subtract, divide, multiply and perform other basic business math calculations.
Read UPC codes, product labels, shelf signage, business forms, and posted company policies/procedures.
Learn a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and produce products and various families of produce.
Learn the uses and cooking methods of fruits, vegetables and produce products merchandised.
Be dexterous enough with hands and fingers so as to be able to fill and rotate products quickly and use necessary equipment, including knives, wrappers and scales.
Communicate openly and professionally through appropriate body language, facial expressions and speech, also communicating in writing when necessary.
Listen to and understand verbal and non-verbal communication of customers and fellow members.
Stand for long periods of time, bend and twist, and frequently lift and/or maneuver merchandise and supplies weighing 30 – 40 lbs.
Lift and maneuver up to 100 lbs and break down large and very heavy pallet loads of produce cases, boxes and bags.
Operate manual and electric pallet jacks.
Often work in walk-in refrigerated coolers.
Work with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, spices, nuts, flavorings, sauces and oils.      

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