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Certified Fraud Examiner

Job Description:



Performs varied self-initiated tasks and investigations, with an emphasis on fraud detection through forensic financial reviews.  Must be self-motivated and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Should have experience in conducting average to very complex forensic financial investigations. Must have exceptional verbal and written skills to communicate findings to Executive Management.  Must have exceptional self-initiative. Will meet with the Executive Director on a regular basis for direction and updates.


SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES, including but not limited to:


 •          Protect Tribal Gaming Assets through forensic reviews and investigations.


 •          Must have the ability to self initiate reviews, analyze, and audit accounting transactions and records with an emphasis on fraud detection.



 •          Must have the ability to liaison between Casino Management and Commission Management to ensure the smooth operations of assigned investigations.


 •          Assist in developing and maintaining forensic reviews for detecting and detouring fraud.


 •          Generate reports and findings of observations made.


 •          Take appropriate action to resolve customer complaints, where applicable.

•           Review and prepare incident reports and conduct follow-up investigations which include interviewing and interrogating of suspect(s) or witnesses as needed.


•           Testify in court regarding evidence and investigative findings.



Job Requirements:



Must be a Certified Fraud Examiner with investigative experience in conducting average to very complex accounting forensic investigations. The candidate must be able to perform each of the essential duties, in an exemplary manner. Be skilled in statistical, transactional, and forensic reviews.  Experience within the casino gaming industry is preferred. Must be able to prioritize responsibilities, and assignments, with minimal supervision and completing them in a timely manner. Must possess excellent oral and written skills and can demonstrate initiative and motivation. 



Preferred candidate would have five (5) years related experience or combined experience, conducting investigations and/or statistical analytical reviews. Be knowledgeable with casino gaming, fraud detection, and asset protection.  Must be a current member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


Candidate must be able to compose clear, concise and effective reports. The candidate will also need to stand or walk for extended periods of time. Must have the ability to conduct extensive investigations.  Must have the mental qualities to document sound judgments and decisions that will benefit the Commission. Must be able to lift 60 pounds.