Department Enrollment Solutions
Category Operations
City Oklahoma City
State OK
Type of

An, Enrollment Data

AFA / Worksite


•Provides advice and education to clients concerning EDI guidelines and capabilities. • Implementation of Electronic Data exchange • Creates, develops, and produces mapping documents. • Develops and maintains communication links with trading partners and oversees integration of information. • Customizing and configuring systems that process transactions • Provides expertise to develop, coordinate, implement, and manage EDI transactions Query data from database systems such as Oracle, MS SQL Server or other database management systems. • Provides support for Enrollment EDI processing as well as design and operations. • Responsible for daily • Create and execute project level DDL (Create, Alter, Drop, etc) and DML (Insert, Update, Select, etc.) queries in support of database projects within Enrollment Solutions and the organization across a certain non-enterprise-class database engines. This may include MS Access. • Develop and maintain code bases for queries and/or scripts that support approved data access methods for both OLTP and OLAP systems in the enrollment area. • Partner with Customer on payroll file creation and carrier file creation, scripting and development of customs formats. • Provides support for EDI analysis, design and operations. Establishes and maintains communications within Enrollment Solutions and with ISD partners. Conducts and manages product evaluations. Provides product installation, configuration and training. Performs systems maintenance to update records, specifications and operating procedures of partner systems. Maintains EDI account transaction activities. • Responsible for daily electronic data interchange (EDI) operations for Enrollment Solutions Department. Develops and executes strategies for Internet based data interchange capabilities. Coordinates and implements new EDI methods and systems and enhances and upgrades existing systems. Finds EDI solutions for Enrollment Solutions Department. Audits the quality of data provided. Resolves trading partner's technical problems involving EDI. Develops technical design documentation. Ensures Customer/vendor agreements meet legal requirements. Responsible for internal training of EDI and related staff. • Collaborate with subject matter experts and other technical resources to understand the source systems and the relationships between various data models and data sets. • Create and maintain system documentation on delivered solutions.


• Bachelor’s Degree From Four-Year College or University computer science or related area of study required. • 3 Years Up to 5 Years’ experience. • Experience with programming, EDI, ERP, API, XML• Skilled in developing ETL and SQL processes that are efficient and meet the expectations of the department. • Strong knowledge of EDI technology, tactics and processes. • Efficient working independently or as part of a team to deliver solutions and easily adjust to new environments and tool sets. • Good at communicating ideas, specifications and status updates to both technical and non-technical professionals. • Knowledgeable of department-level databases (Access, SQL Server, etc.). • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and highly motivated. • Skilled in the development of queries and stored procedures through SQL scripts. • Efficiently work and produce results within the structure of project management methodologies (e.g. Agile/Scrum, Waterfall). • Demonstrate commitment to meeting organizational, department and team goals and objectives. • Knowledge of software development practices. • Strong focus on deadlines and deliverables.